Top 2 Drifting Cars

If you are deep into the world of RC drift car driving and racing, you definitely know how hard it can be to find the ideal car for you. HEre are two cars which cannot be ignored if you are looking for the perfect match for yourself.

HPI Racing E10 Ford Mustang RC Car

  • Length: 375mm
  • Wheelbase: 255mm
  • Weight: 1280g without body
  • Remote control system: 2.4GHz radio
  • Motor: High torque Saturn 27T 540 motor (Brushed)
  • Battery: 7.2v NiMH Rechargeable HPI Plazma
  • Special features: Bathtub chassis which is 2mm thick, quick change battery holder, double wishbone suspension, front and rear differentials, waterproof ESC

This is one drift car that will surpass some of your wildest imaginations. This mode is an actual look-alike of Vaughn Gittin Jr.’s Monster Energy Nitto Tire 2013 Ford Mustang. This one is one of the best rc cars ever.

It is an entry racing electric car. However, it comes with an intimidating look as well as great performances for the money.  In case you do not want to add it to your collection, you can as well offer it to someone else as a gift. This car is made in a way which is simply easy to drive. Its ban ideal car too if you are a starter in RC car racing.

In addition, the car does not need any assembly when you take it out of the box. It comes with everything that you need. This includes the Li-Po battery. What you need to do is to charge it and you will be off!

Furthermore, the car uses true 4WD all the time as well as an independent suspension. All these features come in handy for a drift car. When you add the specifically designed tires, you can get the best RC drifting car ever.

When it comes to protection as well as maintenance, you will not have too much work with this model. With this car you get an enclosed drivetrain that makes sure dirt and dust are out of the gears. There is also a foam bumper that is responsible for protection against damages from various crashes. The chassis as well as the suspension are engineered to survive bumps.

The advanced electronic speed control has breaks, reverse, and throttle. This allow the HPI E10 to act just like a real car.

When you have ideas about upgrading it, this car is amazing. It comes with a standard mounting points. This enables you to easily change the body or customize it the way you want. Moreover, some of the most popular wheels will easily fit.


  • Strong motor and battery.
  • Beautiful design.
  • Can be easily converted into a touring car.
  • Easy to upgrade.
  • Comes ready to drive.
  • Ideal for beginners of all ages.


  • It’s a low car. Therefore bumpy roads are an issue.
  • A little expensive.


Tamiya RC Ferrari 458 Challenge TT02D Drift Spec 4WD

This is another ideal choice for a drift RC car. If you really love driving in style but cannot afford to shell out the money for a full sized Ferrari, then this is the ideal RC car to replace all that with just a few $$’s.

  • TT-02D chassis
  • 4 wheel drive full independent suspension assembly kit that offers you ease of assembly and maintenance
  • Polycarbonate body
  • 540 brushed type motor
  • Includes LED lights that can be installed in the body of the car for a more realistic feel
  • 2 battery and charger

In general, this is an ideal RC drift car that has a lot of potential, energy and lots of fun to offer.

The Tamiya RC Ferrari 458 Challenge TT02D Drift Spec 4WD is just the drift car that you would love to drive. The following are some of the best features as well as drawbacks of the car.


  • 4WD
  • Great frame and body
  • TT-02D chassis which is one of best drift Chassis


  • Battery and Battery Charger may not be included.

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