Learning Yoga Autodidact

Yoga is not a religious school , but a philosophy of life . Yoga is also a science with a scientific background . Yoga is known universally without limitation of time and remain relevant until now since developed 2000 years ago . Yoga is even believed to be the right way to balance our perspective in the face of pressures of modern life .

Yoga is quite popular because it has a variety of therapeutic effect for the mind and body . If controlled properly , yoga can calm the mind is too tired , and physical and mental energy flow towards the better. Because yoga teaches how to concentrate and focus the mind , it can provide effects such as muscle toning and strengthening the bodys internal organs . Yoga also teaches proper breathing techniques and how to obtain perfect posture so that you can increase the strength of the body .

Yoga can be learned by anyone , either through training courses , as well as learn self-taught through articles or guidebooks. Yoga can be done in the morning after waking up , in the afternoon , even at night , depending on your needs and your busy life .

Some suggestions for you who want to try yoga by himself .

1 . Make sure that your guidebook featuring many pictures and clear instructions , because without the guide you will not be able to understand clearly the movement for movement .

2 . Read and understand every part of the explanation, the better it is for the terms that are used , complicated positions , equipment , body condition , and so on .

3 . If you are still skeptical of the things listed in the instruction manual , soon find out information on the internet or ask the person who is an expert yoga .

4 . Obey all the rules given in every part of training and re- read all the instructions before training begins .

5 . Do not ever make a move in a hurry , forcing or jerking of the body in any direction .

6 . Immediately stop if you feel pain or sprains .

7 . Do not do yoga on a full stomach . Practice yoga 1 hour after eating snacks and 4 hours after a heavy meal .

8 . Just wear loose , comfortable and made ​​of materials that absorb sweat .

9 . Choose a place that is quiet and has good air circulation .

10 . Practice barefoot on a flat floor surface .

11 . Use the mat as a tool for training .

12 . If possible , rotate the video also displays about the whole exercise in order to be more convincing example

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