Exercise to Shrink the Stomach

Distended stomach is a problem faced by many people in the world . The distended abdomen due to accumulation of fat in the abdomen . If distended stomach look not only makes beautiful appearance it probably does nothing , the article on abdominal fat accumulation is associated with one of the triggering factors for heart disease . So besides being unsightly is actually the most dangerous effect on the health of a distended abdomen .

Actually exercise can keep the bloated stomach , and could also be a bloated stomach to return to normal . What are the sports that can Shrinks Stomach ?

1 . Sit Up

Sit ups are one of the sports shrink the stomach is very popular . It is very easy and can be done by anyone . The trick is to lay down the conditions and supine chest forward like a man in drag but all assistance was done repeatedly and regularly . Jang forget to perform this exercise you should use a pedestal , because it was feared bone friction with the floor will cause you pain .

2 . Walking or Running

Walking or running is a sport that is most convenient and can be done by all people . So what to do walking or running with the downsizing of the stomach ? Do you know when you are walking or running means you are burning fat in your body . As a result not only will you burn belly fat , but the fats in the body . Start with walking or running exercise at least been able to reduce fat in the abdomen

3 . Elliptical Trainer

Elliptical Trainer exercise equipment that you can usually find in a gym or gymnastics . Sports movement using this tool is a combination of walking and climbing stairs . In contrast to exercise walking or running where the road or run just resting on the bottom of the muscle strength , with these tools make your upper body also active . This exercise is recommended for those who experience joint pain problems when using the treadmill .

4 . Bicycle

The next exercise is to shrink the stomach by way of cycling . The bike is a means of transportation that is currently used also for sports facilities . With cycling for 30 minutes it will burn as much as 250-300 calories . Especially if made ​​at least 1 hour a day on a regular basis then the cycling course your potbelly will be reduced and even your body to be ideal . Another benefit of cycling is improving blood circulation and improve the work of the heart .

5 . Bicycle exercise

If you do not have a bike , do not worry . Sport this one could also be an alternative sport shrink belly fat . How do bicycle exercise ? that is easy enough ; First , lay your body with both hands position is behind the head . The next step is figure your knees to your chest , lifting his head but remained flat on the floor shoulder . Furthermore find the left elbow with right knee while the left foot is pulled straight . Do keep in turns like you re pedaling a bicycle .

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